Friday, April 28, 2006


Photo Friday Challenge - Famous. My sister that looks like the famous Jackie Kennedy.

A huge thank-you to all who commented on my blog about my daughter getting her last mole removed. At least I hope it was her last surgery. She is sore but it is healing. They look like centipedes on her back with the stitches. After the stitches are removed the scars look like fossil imprints of a centipede. She wants to get butterfly tattoos to cover them up. How poetic. From a centipede to a butterfly. Kind of close to a caterpillar.

I still am researching flat screen LCD monitors. When I purchased my PC and my daughter's I just ordered them through Dell and took whatever monitor came with what I picked. Now, I need to get just the monitor, I have to wonder if I get a nice enough monitor should I upgrade the video card? And if I upgrade the card, will the BIOS need upgraded? Ugh. There is a new Dell shop that just opened up north of here. Maybe I will just take the old monitor and see if they can give me a replacement or fix this one or trade it in. Hey, it's worth a try.

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